My First Post

16th March 2011 I’ve often wondered why my mum, Pam, spends so much time sitting in front of that TV she calls a computer, however now that I’ve started on this blog I can understand, making the words is not easy and if you press the wrong button sometimes it all disappears and the TV starts to do funny things.  No wonder she often shouts at it and threatens to throw it out of the window, I’ve been barking and growling at it already and it pays absolutely no attention to me.  She also has something she calls a mouse, that she moves around on the table next to it, however my pals the cats, Jazz and Calypso who know about these things tell me that it’s nothing like a mouse and they certainly wouldn’t like to try eating it.

They know what they’re talking about, I have witnessed Jazz eating a mouse,  he eats all of it including the head and tail and me an Roma, she’s my best girl friend, another German Shepherd Dog like me, quite pretty, but not as handsome as me, we don’t like it when they play with those small animals they bring in.  Roma says it’s disgusting, but she’s a girl and I rather like anything disgusting.  We couldn’t believe it the first time we saw Jazz eat a mouse, and he was doing it in one of our baskets as well, but he didn’t leave any mess and he is a cat after all, so what can you expect?

I remember when Jazz first arrived with us, it was just me an Roma, we been together a long time now, but then Pam bought this little thing into the house, she said it was a kitten and she had found it outside in the street, she’s a sucker for animals is Pam, always trying to help them, although she never seems to help the mice that Jazz and Calpyso bring in.  I thought it was really thoughtful of her to bring me a new toy, especially one that moves all by itself.  Anyway we had never seen a  kitten before, it was tiny, but making a dreadful noise, sounded like a baby crying, so me an Roma tried to make it better by licking it all over, but all it did was make this loud kind of rumbling noise that vibrated all over and we thought it was growling at us.  Pam said that was a good noise and meant it was happy, weird things these kittens.  Pam thought it was a girl but then found out it was a boy, we just thought it had a really interesting smell and couldn’t believe our noses.  So we followed it around everywhere, looking after it, trying to keep it quiet, but it wasn’t always easy as it could move like greased lightening and go underneath all the cupboards.  We gave up after a while as it really didn’t appreciate our efforts.


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