A fun walk

We went on a long walk this morning, Pam says it’s one of her favourites, through the fields near those trees where there are often animals that Pam calls Dear, funny name that, but I expect Pam is right – she usually is.  Luckily today she had forgotten to put me on the lead and so I was able to rush off to say hello to them and introduce myself, I thought it was a good idea as she’s always saying we must be friendly to all other animals.  When they saw me coming they ran off and I realised they were playing my favourite chase game, so I rushed off behind them.  They have very long legs and are very strong, but they must be girls as they have those flashy white bottoms that bob up and down when they run, really nose twitching for a handsome, male beast like me.  It was great fun chasing after them across the fields and ditches but after a while I lost them, I really need to get myself a bit fitter so I can keep up better.  I couldn’t be bothered to play hide and seek, so I looked around for Pam, and there she was, looking very small in the distance, she’s so good, she always calls and waves and jumps up and down so that I know where she is and will be able to find her when I’m ready to go back.  So I set off and had obviously gone rather a long way as it took me quite a while to get back, I was slowing down a bit and that piece of bramble stuck to my tail didn’t help.  As usual Pam was pleased to see me and removed the piece of bramble, but there was something she didn’t look very happy about and Roma whispered that she was a bit cross.  I wonder what made her cross?  Perhaps Roma did something while I wasn’t there keeping an eye on her?  Pam was going on and on about calling and running across the road and how dangerous it was, well it can’t have been me, my hearing is perfect and I didn’t hear anything,  I don’t remember crossing a road and certainly didn’t see a car.  More dangerous were those ditches I had to go through full of brambles, that the Dear could just leap over, but it’s all part of the fun and I do enjoy it.  Heigh ho, maybe next time I’ll get to introduce myself to those Dear, I’m sure they’d like to meet me and say hello.


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