Wild Daffodils and a New Scent

Spring has come and yesterday we went for a walk in the field with the wild daffodils, or Jonquils, as they are called in French, bet you didn’t know I could speak French, I’m clever like that. Anyway, Pam was going all poetic about how pretty they were and me an Roma were having a good chase game trying to crash into as many as we could, when suddenly my nose spied a glorious, tasty lump of something smelly and grey.  I thought to myself WO!!!!, GOTTA GET SOMMA THAT!!!!  So while Pam was busy going on about the Jonquils I thought I would have a quick go at rubbing it behind my ears, hoping it was soft and sticky so that the smell would linger, there’s nothing like a good perfume for a handsome, male hunk like me.  But before I’d got my head completely down Pam was suddenly leaping around, screaming and shouting NO, NO!  What happened?  I didn’t see, but it must have been bad because she didn’t look at all happy and was very agitated.  Perhaps Roma did something to upset her while I wasn’t watching, I must remember to ask her about that.  So, to cheer up Pam I stopped what I was doing and pretended I was admiring some Jonquils nearby, although they didn’t smell nearly as good as the grey stuff.

I thought I put on rather a convincing display, but then she made me stand still while she looked me all over wrinkling up her nose in that fussy way she has.  She let me go with a relieved and happy smile, so perhaps she did appreciate me admiring the Jonquils after all, and there were none of the usual funny noises and comments about having to drive home with all the car windows open.  Pity, because I like driving home with all the windows open, even Roma says I look particularly handsome with my fur blowing in the breeze and if I’m lucky enough to be wearing a new fragrance the wind spreads it around so that everyone gets the chance to appreciate it.

I know that my new fragrances are exciting and attractive because they always get Pam very worked up and then she gives me so much lovely attention, washing and brushing and generally making me look even more handsome, while the fragrance lingers on for us all to enjoy.  Much more effective than the fragrance she puts on herself every morning which smells so disgusting that we just try to ignore it.  Fortunately it never lasts long so I don’t think hers is very good quality, probably why it smells so bad, not like mine which lasts for ages, is difficult to wash off, often improves if it gets wet and is, of course, completely natural, something Pam is always going on about.

Anyway, I knew exactly where my new fragrance was in the field and was hoping we would go back that way so I would be able to have a quick roll in it, but for some reason Pam took us another way back to the car so I didn’t get the chance, what a waste.  Hey ho, c’est la vie.


2 thoughts on “Wild Daffodils and a New Scent

  1. Hello Zanna, Do amarulas smell better than Jonquils? Pam says that her last bottle of amarula is almost finished so she would be quite happy to find some amarula in the field. Woof woof Mozart

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