YESSS!!!  Perhaps you can smell it?  I found a delicious new perfume when we were out walking today and so far it has been very successful.  All the rain overnight had made everything soft and wet and I managed to apply it easily behind my left ear, I could feel it pulling on the hairs so I knew it was there and I even think I got some on my collar as well.   YES, we drove home with all the windows open, I love doing that.  YES, Pam was very worked up about it and YES, she has given me lots of special, individual attention since I applied it.

When we got home she started washing me in the garden, I just love getting wet, especially having a good shake and seeing how far I can make the water go and how wet I can make everything nearby.  THEN, EVEN BETTER, Pam got out the hosepipe so that we could play one of my favourite water games that I call “catch-the-water-as-it-comes-out”.  I love this game, we don’t usually play hosepipe games until the summer so this was a rare treat and I got even wetter and it was really exciting and I did some rolling around on the grass which was a bit muddy so Pam had to make me all wet again, and it was just wonderful.  I’m still panting happily at the thought of it.

My new fragrance still smells quite potent and so I’m hoping that we might be able to do it all again this afternoon.  Roma tells me that I’m being very juvenile and silly and that Pam won’t have time to do it this afternoon, especially as she had to change all of her clothes and have a shower after doing it this morning, but it was such fun, and all because of my lovely new perfume.  I’m going to keep on reminding Pam about it and maybe we’ll be able to go out and play again.  OUI, C’est la vie!


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