A Secret

There has been such a lot of interest in my recent new fragrance that I’ve finally decided to let you all into my secret and tell you that it’s one I call Eau de Renard.  I find that it’s usually one of my most successful fragrances, especially if applied early in the morning when everything is nice and damp with the dew.

Next time I find a good quality supply I thought I might try and pack it up and send it out to those of you who have been so interested in it, but Roma says that Pam might not be very happy about that idea.  I can’t imagine why not, Pam always carries those little plastic bags when we are out walking, so it wouldn’t be difficult to collect and package.  Plus, I think it’s a very good money making idea and my nose is always able to find the most potent sources.

Roma says that she still thinks it’s not a good idea and Pam will refuse to give me any help with the postage and packing.  Pam is always so excited by my fragrances, perhaps she’ll change her mind when she realises what a good business it could be.  Hey ho, c’est la vie.


One thought on “A Secret

  1. Mozart ! You really should listen to the “girls” in your life – they know better than you, especially when it comes to perfume, postage and packaging !

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