The Tibetan Two

This week we’ve been out with our mates The Tibetan Two. They’re called Hector and Bertie, which are not very Tibetan names, but Roma says they weren’t born in Tibet, just like we weren’t born in Germany.  Although of course, I have a very respectable German name, very fitting for a handsome, intelligent beast like me.

Hector says he’s a Tibetan Terrier and Bertie, the one with all that black hair says, Yeah Man, he’s One Cool Dude.  Me an Roma never heard of a dog called that before, but then he told us he’s a very special Lhasa Apso because he’s so big.  Me an Roma just looked at him, he thinks he’s BIG?????

We discovered that even though they are both small, The Tibetan Two are very tough and no-one can mess with them, they don’t even like it when Roma tries to round them up to keep us all together.  So although we are rather superior because we’re German Shepherd Dogs and no-one ever messes with us, we don’t mind going out with them.  But me an Roma do worry that Bertie has some seriously weird ideas about his size and we think it might be because he can’t see properly with all that hair over his eyes.  We also think he gets very silly when he meets girls, all that dancing around on his back legs is just not cool, it doesn’t make him look any bigger and is rather embarressing for us, so we try to ignore him when he does that. We also worry about him because humans don’t use their noses properly and rely on their eyes, and it’s often difficult to tell which is his front and which is his back, unless his tongue is sticking out which makes it easy.  Me an Roma have tall ears and lovely long noses and tails so it’s easy to tell back from front and we can’t imagine the problems he has because special big Lhasa Apso’s are not as well designed as German Shepherd Dogs.  He’s even told us that some people try to give food to his bottom!!! How stupid is that?  It only takes a quick sniff to know which is front and which is back and to know whether it’s a boy or a girl.  Life would be so much easier for us dogs if humans learned how to use their noses properly!!

I’m wondering if I should try to teach Pam the tricks for using her nose properly and then she could teach other humans, but Roma says she won’t want to do it and won’t be able to anyway because human noses are different.  I don’t know how Roma knows that as Pam is very clever and has quite a big nose, and it would make such good business sense to combine nose work with marketing my fragrances.   Roma still says no and says I mustn’t be rude about Pam’s nose.  What does she mean?  I’m not being rude, me an Roma have lovely big noses.  Perhaps it’s a girl thing that I don’t understand.   Hey ho, that’s life.  I wonder when we’ll go out with The Tibetan Two again?


3 thoughts on “The Tibetan Two

  1. Hilarious!!! Look forward to reading more of your blog Mozart, hope Pam does not mind you using her computer xx

    1. Hello Karen, Mozart here, Pam doesn’t mind me using her computer as long as I clean the slobber and dirt off the keyboard and get the hairs off her chair when I’ve finished. It’s quite hard work!

  2. What a lovely photo of the four dogs – interesting to see how they have partnered up – birds of a feather fly together ?

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