Lac Montbel

We’ve been out with The Tibetan Two again and had such fun.  I was so excited, we collected them and Pam’s friend Hazel, who they live with, and we all went to Lac Montbel for a lovely walk.  For those of you who are not bi-lingual like me, Lac is French for Lake, and we had a smashing time.

The path was lovely an muddy an me an Bertie an Hector were having real fun digging in the muddy puddles seeing who could get to the bottom first, when suddenly I saw a dog nearby with some people.  So I rushed over to say hello to them, barking loudly so they knew I was coming and asking the dog if he wanted to come and play with us.  I was so excited at the thought of a new friend and was a bit disappointed when they didn’t say hello and wouldn’t let the dog come and play, so I did a lot more barking to encourage them, but they still looked very unfriendly.  Luckily, just as I was starting to get a bit worried about them I was rescued by Pam, she’s so good, she always looks after me, but she didn’t look very happy either and was muttering something about being on the lead.  Roma said Pam was a bit cross and I agreed with her, very unfriendly people, but Roma said that Pam had been calling me and I didn’t come back.  Well, my hearing is perfect and I certainly didn’t hear Pam calling me, Roma must have got it wrong, she’s older than me, perhaps she has some problems with her hearing now.

After that Pam and Hazel started going on and on about how beautiful it was at the Lac and we carried on playing and when there was no water left in the puddles we decided to go in the Lac.  I love getting wet and splashing around, and rushing through the trees and brambles to dry off and we had great fun shaking ourselves and seeing how wet we could make Pam and Hazel and everything else.

I was really enjoying myself charging through the trees when I heard Pam and Hazel calling for Bertie.  See, my hearing is very good and they weren’t even calling me.  What happened to him?  I always leave Roma in charge of keeping everyone together because she’s such a good Shepherd Dog and likes to work at it, so it was really very careless of her to lose him.  I just can’t be there all the time to keep an eye on them.

Bertie still didn’t come so Pam went looking for him.  She finally found him completely stuck in the brambles, not able to move and not even barking to let us know where he was.  Ha, not very cool stuck like that with all those brambles in his hair, and that’s probably why he wasn’t barking.  So I went to tell Roma that Pam had found him and was untangling him and instead of being pleased with the news, she was cross with me.  What is it with these girls today?  She said me an Bertie been having one of our silly competitions and I had gone across the brambles to prove his legs were shorter than mine.  How ridiculous is that, I certainly don’t need to prove he has short legs, you only have to look at him to know that!  Hhhmmm, pity he can’t see it……

Anyway, we’re all good friends and so we carried on splashing around in the Lac and running around to dry off.  Then when the walk had finished Pam said it had all been so eventful she needed a drink to recover.  I don’t know what events she was talking about, but I was feeling pretty tired by then, so we went to a café where they give dogs a special water bowl all of their own and we could have a rest in the shade. Yes, this is the life ………


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