A Trip to the Vet

Pam took me to see the vet today, and I’ve got conjonctivite! I don’t know what it is but it’s very difficult to spell and sounds very special, and I can’t wait to tell Bertie because I bet he hasn’t got it!

Pam told me we were going training so I got all excited because it wasn’t the usual training day, but then I realised we were going to the vet, imagine how disappointed I was.  I don’t like going to the vet, I had some bad experiences there before I came to live with Pam.  The place we go now is ok, they’re always pleased to see me and always comment on my good looks.  Today there was a spotty Dalmatian in the waiting area with us, she had a bandage on her paw and was being a bit silly, she couldn’t sit still and was making lots of silly noises.  The girl with her was very impressed with my quiet behaviour in the “down” or “couché” position and said that I was très beau, which for those of you who can’t speak French means very handsome.  Of course she’s right, I am a very handsome beast and of course my behaviour is good, Pam and I go to training every week and even Pam is becoming quite well trained.

Eventually we went in to see the vet, I don’t know why we were there because I’m not ill and I haven’t hurt myself, so I thought we should go home and sat by the door waiting to leave, but then Pam told me to jump on that table that goes up and down.  I’m always happy to show how agile and fit I am, so I jumped on and sat there while the vet looked into my eyes, saying what a good dog I was, of course I’m good, why did he sound so surprised, and then he said I had conjonctivite.  I wonder what it is and how I got it?  I’ve asked Roma and she thinks it could be conjunctivitis, something to do with the eyes, but she doesn’t really know and anyway there’s nothing wrong with my eyes, I can see perfectly, so it can’t be that.  Wonder if I’ll always have it?  I was trying to work out how to get off the table and out the door quickly, so I wasn’t listening to what the vet was saying to Pam about the pollen which is bad at the moment due to the weather and Pam saying it was the yellow rape flowers in the fields.  What were they were talking about?  I must tell Roma we gotta be extra careful nothing bad happens to Pam when we’re out in the fields near those smelly yellow flowers!

As soon as the vet had finished gazing into my eyes the plan was to jump off the table quickly before he stuck a needle in me, I hate needles and vets always like sticking needles in.  So I took a big leap off and ended up by the door, lucky I’m fit and have long legs as it was quite a jump, and I nearly knocked Pam over.  It was worth it though, my quick action meant he didn’t have time to get a needle in me.  Although he did come and put something in my eyes, but it didn’t hurt and made them feel quite nice, so I didn’t mind that too much.  After that he opened the door for us and let us out so we could go home, and without the needle, YEESSS!!!  What a successful plan, must use that one again!!!

Still don’t know what this conjonctivite is, but it must be good as Pam is doing that energy thing on me with her hands and it makes me feel nice an relaxed all over.  Hhmmm, it’s been a very stressful day, so I’m going to have a snooze now…………………


4 thoughts on “A Trip to the Vet

  1. I know I am a little late but hope that he is on the mend. Give him and Roma a big hug from me.

  2. Great photo of Mozart snoozing on the step — makes me want to reach out and pet that big beautiful fuzzy head! Chloe sends her best, Mozart.

  3. Poor Mozart ! Hope his eyes get better soon and that none of your other animals get it.

    Enjoy the “warm hands treatment ” Mozart !

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