A Musical Afternoon

Hello folks and thank you to all of my friends and fans for your good wishes after my stressful trip to the vet last week.  Being such a fit and healthy beast it didn’t take me long to recover, in fact I don’t think anything was wrong with me and I still don’t know why we went.  However I think the conjonctivite has gone, Pam has stopped fussing over me and Roma tells me my eyes look better, I’m a bit disappointed because I was enjoying all the lovely attention.  It was almost as good as finding a new fragrance, though not as much fun! 

Recently we’ve been making a lot of music, I’m a musical dog with a very musical name and for those of you who don’t know, Pam is also very musical and a brilliant violinist.  She’s been playing the violin for a very long time, ever since I’ve known her, and she’s so good at it.  The violin is a very weird thing, with that stick she waves around all over the place and the other bit that she puts under her chin, which can’t be very comfortable and then she has to hold it up there all the time to make a noise.  It must be so tiring and I don’t know how she manages to make any noise with it at all, there must be an easier way.  Then maybe me an Roma could have a game with the stick and see how many bits we could chew it into, that would be fun.

When I first heard Pam play my ears just couldn’t believe all the sounds they were hearing, I’d never heard anything like it before and never knew violins existed.  I used to sing with her all the time, but it was a bit tiring and I don’t want to ruin my voice, I have other important things to do with it like barking, so I only join her in special places now.  That way I can make sure I get the notes and timing right and preserve my voice.  As soon as she starts to unpack her violin my ears know what she’s doing, so I rush into the room and then when she starts to play I get so excited by the beautiful noise I just can’t resist breaking into song with her.  Just lately she’s been doing a lot of practice in the afternoons and it’s such fun to be able to sing along with her and make all those new harmonies and sounds.  

My pals the cats, Jazz and Calypso, they have musical names like me but they hate the violin and never stay around to listen, they say it sounds like a strangled cat and they don’t like the strings.  I don’t know what a strangled cat sounds like and I’ve told them that Pam would never use strings made of cat gut, and anyway I don’t see how she could get such a beautiful sound with cat gut.  What, the cats are upset now?  Wonder why, well it’s not me, I didn’t do anything, but I didn’t see what Roma was doing just then.  I would be so happy if the cats joined in the music with us, but they won’t. 

Roma gets very grumpy about my music and doesn’t like my harmonies, she says that it’s bad enough when Pam plays because she’s only practicing and we never hear the good stuff and it’s even worse when I join in because I don’t sing in tune and I don’t keep good time.  Poor Roma, I expect she just feels left out because even though her name is very pretty, it’s not musical, and I do worry about her hearing these days.  I know that Pam likes it when I join in, who wouldn’t?

Hey ho, me an Pam have such talent it’s a pity no-one appreciates us.  If we keep on practicing maybe one day Pam will take me out with her when she goes playing, an we’ll become famous an make lots of money an be on TV.  YES, now that’s an idea, we could go on one of those talent shows, there’s so many of them…..


3 thoughts on “A Musical Afternoon

  1. OK, we finally got round to this. Please tell him his volume control is very impressive! and yes, I agree with him, his timing is quite something too!

  2. Oh, just too cute and funny for words – you used to tell me when you were here that he used to sing with you but I never actually saw him. Amazing but in some parts he actually gets it right. Well Done Mozart keep it up – Pam might just take you with her one day!! 🙂

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