Dog Training

Me an Pam go training most weeks at the Club Canin, for those of you who are not bi-lingual like me, that’s the Dog Club and we been going for a long time now, it’s where I learnt to speak French.  I love going, it’s a great social occasion and I enjoy meeting all my friends.  I’m always so excited on the way in the car and then when we arrive I do a lot of barking to announce myself so that everyone knows I’ve come.  I’m quite famous, everyone knows me and they always say hello and of course, I’m by far the most handsome beast there. 

Me an all the other dogs often wonder why our people are so totally obsessed with making us do things like sit, down, stand, stay, walk beside the leg which is called heel, jump, fetch, leave ….. they go on and on giving us all these silly instructions and it’s really boring.  It’s not as if they do these things themselves and it’s a big mystery why they want us to do them, and so many times in the same afternoon as well!  Me an the other dogs can do all that stuff so easily, but our people make really hard work of it, even Pam joins in with them, which is very disappointing as I thought Pam was different.  However, I don’t bother myself with that side of it too much, if Pam wants to get trained that’s fine, I certainly don’t need any training, I’m much more interested in socialising and having a good time and eating those bits of sausage she gives me.

Sometimes it gets really boring so then I try to liven it up a bit by barking and doing things to amuse the others.  If I’m not on the lead then playing the chase game is a good, fun option and I’m always happy to encourage other dogs to provide a bit of entertainment as well, it’s hard work if I have to do it all by myself.

There was some good entertainment the other week when three dogs in our group got loose and were playing chase and we were all barking encouragement, wondering how we could get loose to join them. Then the last two caught the first one and we were all so amused watching the people in charge panicking and rushing to separate them, it was much more fun than all that sitting and staying and watching our people struggling to get things right.

As you all know I have a very good voice and I currently hold the Club record for barking.  Sometimes another dog challenges me, but I always win and can bark in any position and for the whole afternoon if necessary, I’m famous for it and it’s such good fun.  Roma says it’s not very nice for Pam if I bark all the time because it’s very loud, but it always makes her so excited, I think she wants to be famous as well, and it does make things a bit more interesting.  So I like to practice that a lot, though I wish I knew what Pam means by earplugs, she often mentions them. 

Roma says it’s good fun to concentrate and do all that stuff properly, she enjoys it and she likes seeing how doing it right makes Pam so happy.  Poor Roma, I do worry she’s becoming like one of those boring Border Collie types who just have to do everything so perfectly before they’re even asked.  Myself I can’t see the point of sitting and staying while Pam goes and hides behind a piece of wooden fence, what does that prove?  I can usually see her feet anyway.  Or sitting and staying while she walks away and then calls me, I might just as well go with her, what’s the point in waiting?  I’m a big hunk of a German Shepherd Dog, I like to think about these things and make my own decisions. 

Hhmmm, I don’t think I’ll ever understand people, but they certainly do need all the training they can get at the Club.  Me, I’m looking forward to having fun with all my friends again next weekend.


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