The Swimming Walk

Wa-hey!!  We been out with our mates The Tibetan Two again, we always have such a good time when we go out with them.  We drove over to pick them up and when they jumped in the car they said they heard Pam an Hazel saying it was warm enough to do the swimming walk.  YES, yes, I got so excited, we haven’t done that walk for ages and I love being in the water, though I don’t know why it has to be warm enough to do it.  I enjoy the water whether it’s warm or cold, but Roma says it’s not good to get all wet in the cold weather, what tosh, it’s good fun to get wet in any weather!!!  Roma’s muttering something about drying off in the cold weather, that’s girl stuff, handsome, male beasts like me don’t worry about drying off!!!

Anyway, we had to be patient while Pam drove us to the place, then we all jumped out of the car and as soon as Pam let me loose I was off down to the river, it was a bit steeper than it looked, but never mind and then I was in the water.  YESS, this is the life, it was so good and cool and I was already a bit thirsty after the drive.  No worries on this walk, there’s lots of water to drink in the river, so I don’t get thirsty and it’s very cool and refreshing. 

The track goes alongside the river and I was going in and out all the time and it was just wonderful.  I absolutely love getting wet and running around and splashing in the water, it makes me all excited and then I shake over everyone and start it all again.  Oh it really is such fun.  Plus of course with my lovely long legs I don’t have to do much swimming and can go right across to the other side, if Pam will let me.  For some reason she doesn’t like me going out of the water on the other side, so of course I always come back when she calls, there’s nothing wrong with my hearing!  It does look very interesting over there though, maybe I’ll get there one day when Pam’s not looking.

The Tibetan Two both have very short legs and can’t go in very far before they have to swim, so they can’t go as fast as me and I win all the races.  They have so much hair it must be very heavy for them when they get wet.  I feel a bit sorry for them, these Tibetans and Lhasa Apso’s are not well designed at all, not like us German Shepherds who are perfectly designed for everything.

Pam an Hazel were soon sat down beside the water, not much of a walk, they’re getting quite lazy these days, and they were going on and on about something, they certainly can talk.  So me an the others ran around playing, although Roma never wants to go in the water and sat with Pam.  Then Bertie said he was getting tired and sat in the shade, must be very tiring carrying around all that wet hair on those short little legs.  I didn’t want to sit in the shade so I carried on running around and when I got too hot I cooled off by sitting in the water, lovely and cool on my tummy, it’s so good, and I wish I could spend all day doing it.

This is one of my very favourite walks and I do hope we’ll do it again soon.


One thought on “The Swimming Walk

  1. He really does look like he enjoys the water. I think Echo would go crazy as well – he loves the water and would have so much fun with Mozart!

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