As you all know, me an Roma live with 2 cats.  We never lived with cats before, all we knew about cats was that they like to play my favourite chase game and we always have fun playing that whenever we meet one.  Cats never stop to say hello, they just start playing chase, but sometimes they decide to play hide and seek up a tree, so it’s better if there are no trees around as I just can’t get up there to play with them, and it’s very frustrating waiting at the bottom for them to come down.  

Jazz, our first cat, came to live with us when he was very small, he’s still got those stripes all over, even down his legs and on his tail and Pam says his head is a bit Siamese, whatever that means.  He’s very noisy and that’s how he came to be with us, he was outside in Golden Light Healing 19the street crying like a baby all day and when Pam went out and picked him up he stopped the crying and started making that rumbling noise we thought was growling.  Pam says it’s a good noise and it’s called Purring, but it’s a real funny noise to make if you’re happy.

Pam’s always helping animals and said he was too young to live outside on his own so bought him inside to live with us, we never seen a kitten, that’s a baby cat, before, and I thought it was really good of Pam to bring me something I could play the chase game with at home.  He was very small but moved like greased lightning, he climbed on all the chairs, went under the cupboards,  sat in our baskets and even tried to catch our tails, which made Roma very cross because she hates anyone playing with her tail.  After a few days I got a bit tired of playing games with him because he always won, and he kept on making that dreadful noise.   Me an Roma don’t like that noise so we always try to lick him better when he does that and then he stops and does that Purring.  He’s my best cat friend and I let him cuddle up to me when it’s cold, I don’t mind, I’m always lovely  and warm with my thick coat.

When he got a bit bigger we asked him if he wanted to come out on walks with us, he looked at us in that very superior cat manner and said “WALKS!!!  Cats don’t do walks, especially with dogs!!!”  Well, we were only asking, we didn’t know anything about cats and thought he might enjoy coming out with us, who wouldn’t, we always have such fun! 

I’ve noticed that Pam doesn’t do any of that training stuff with the cats, they never have to sit, heel, down or stay, so I asked Jazz if he was going to go training.  We don’t have cats at our club because it’s a Dog Club which is dogs only, so I thought he would go to the Cat Club, but he just gave me that superior look again and said “TRAINING!!!  Cats don’t do training!”  Well I didn’t know did I?  I don’t know why cats don’t do training, but I expect it’s because they’re just not as clever as us dogs, so there’s no point.

Anyway, Pam got him a hole in the door with a flap he pushes to go in and out whenever he wants.  Roma’s tried to use it but she can only get her nose in, I told her it would be too small for us to go through, but she wanted to try anyway.  Pity, because we wouldn’t mind a hole like that, perhaps one day Pam will get us one.

Now the weather’s got warmer Jazz goes off out and doesn’t tell anyone where he’s going, he just disappears.  Me an Roma don’t like it when he does that, but he says it’s what cats do and they don’t have to tell anyone where they’re going.  We’re not sure about that because Pam gets worried about him, but since she got him that hole in the door she can’t stop him.  Then the other day she stopped the flap from moving to keep the cats inside and they broke it trying to get out, so now it’s all stuck up with tape and you can’t see through it properly.

Gotta go, I can hear Pam getting ready for our walk, those cats don’t know what they’re missing …..


2 thoughts on “Cats

  1. I definitely think the cats should have their say about all this too! Especially m’selle – she definitely has ‘dill the dog’ tendencies (from the Herb Garden)

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