Crossed Wires

Pam said we were going out with our Tibetan mates again, so we got in the car and drove over to their place.  Of course I was excited because we always have a lot of fun when we go out with them, but they weren’t there and their house was empty.  I could tell that Pam was a bit surprised, she tried to use that fancy new phone she’s got, but it didn’t work, the battery was flat or something, so she decided to take us for a walk anyway. 

As usual we had a good walk, but not as much fun as with our mates, and when we finished Pam said she was going to stop at their house, just in case they were back.  We drove past and straightaway we saw their car, and there they were, out in the garden barking at us “we been to your house but you weren’t there”, so me an Roma barked back, “an we been to yours once already this morning, but you weren’t there either”.  How silly is that, they went to us and we went to them, we don’t usually get in a muddle about where to meet, I wonder what happened?

Then Pam an Hazel started laughing and saying they got their wires crossed.  What wires?  I can’t see any wires, they must be pretty long, Roma says she can’t see any either, neither can Bertie or Hector.   Perhaps they’re something people can see and not dogs, but I don’t believe that, because people don’t use their eyes very well and we must have passed our mates in the car on the way and Pam an Hazel never even noticed.  Me an Roma were settled down nicely in the back of the car like we’re supposed to, so we couldn’t see who was in the passing cars.  Anyway, these crossed wires are definitely a good thing because after a few minutes The Tibetan Two were getting in the car with us and we were all going off for another walk.  How good is that, two walks in one morning!!!

I still can’t see any wires, but me an Bertie have made a plan and decided to keep looking for them and when we see em we’re gonna get em crossed, though how Bertie’s gonna see em with all that hair over his eyes I don’t know.  So I expect it’ll be up to me to spot em and cross em and that way we should all get an extra walk!!!

Great Plan, but I’m feeling a bit tired after 2 lovely walks this morning, so I’m going to have a snooze now and look for the wires later ……….


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