For those of you who don’t know, our other cat is called Calypso, or rather Mademoiselle Calypso, which for those of you who are not bi-lingual like me means Miss Calypso, but Pam usually calls her Caly.  Pam came home with her one day last year and said she’d found her in the lost animals home.  Caly is real funny looking and  Jazz tells us she’s quite pretty but a bit silly, all she wants to do is play and he gets a bit tired of her always jumping on his head. 

As you all know I’m a very musical dog, so I was very pleased that Calypso has a musical name like me, but Roma says that the original Calypso was a goddess and at the same time a rather saucy nymph, whatever that is.  Just how does Roma know all this?  Oh, she says she listens to what Pam is saying, yet another comment about my ears, you know I always listen to Pam and THERE’S NOTHING WRONG with my ears.  Anyway, I expect that’s why our Calypso is so girly, always rubbing herself around the furniture with all that saucy bottom wiggling. 

When she arrived with us she was tiny and wasn’t very friendly, she did lots of hissin and spittin which wasn’t very nice and we only wanted to say hello and sniff her over because she was making our noses twitch with excitement she smelt so interesting.  Jazz didn’t do any hissin when he first met us, he was very polite and did that Purring, but hey, we’re cool with cats and so we just ignored her and let her get on with it.  I’m a big, male, hunk of  a German Shepherd Dog and I’m not frightened of a baby cat having a hissy fit!

Then Jazz came in and saw her and he started having a hissy fit at her, just like she was having at us.  So much fuss, and for what?   Cats are so weird, but it was very amusing, although we were a bit surprised at Jazz because he wasn’t very polite and didn’t do any Purring, probably because Calypso kept trying to jump on top of him.  Poor Jazz, he was very upset Pam bought  another cat into the house, but then after a few days we found them cuddled up together in one of our baskets and knew they were friends at last.  Just as well, because we was getting a bit tired of all that hissin!

Caly loves us now, we knew she would, everyone does, and she’s always with us around the house and garden, she never goes far.  She’s often bullied by those other cats who sometimes come in our garden, very cheeky of them, but of course if me an Roma are there they don’t come in.  If only Pam would get us one of those holes we could go out with Caly and look after her.  We’re German Shepherd Dogs and very good at protection work, no-one messes with us, and it’s just not fair that the cats get their own hole and we don’t! 

Caly’s always going in and out and doing silly things, the other day we saw her wobbling on the edge of the birdbath in the garden and then she fell in and got wet, she wasn’t very pleased but me an Roma had a good laugh watching that.  Hhmmmm, perhaps that’s why Pam calls her our Dippy Kitty.

Hey ho, weird creatures cats, but they are good entertainment.

Golden Light Healing 15


3 thoughts on “Calypso

  1. Fantastic! Have great image of Caly in the birdbath 🙂 Amber caught sight of herself in the mirror yesterday and attacked – fortunately her reflection decided to stay through the looking glass, which also remained intact. I think she felt very foolish afterwards, though! Rxx

  2. Lovely photos of the two cats. They look really happy and I am glad that you have had the opportunity to get to know them as well. I love my cats and really missed having them around when I lost Jess & Jasper!

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