Hello one and all, it’s my birthday today!!!!!  YES, YES, we’ve already been for a lovely walk near the river this morning and I went in and out and in and out and in and out and it was just wonderful, what a birthday treat.  I do love playing in the water and getting wet, it’s such fun.

I expect you’re wondering how old I am, well I’m 6 YEARS OLD TODAY!!!  That means I’ve been living with Pam and Roma for almost 6 YEARS, I can’t believe that, what a long time, I’ve done so many interesting things, travelled in aeroplanes, learned French and what a good time I’ve had!!! 

I never thought I would get to be 6 years old, it sounds very ancient.  Still, I don’t feel old and I don’t feel any different, I certainly don’t feel middle-aged.  The whiskers around my chin have gone a bit white but Roma says it makes me look rather distinguished and wise, and of course, I’m still a very handsome, male beast.

Jazz has already bought me a mouse for my birthday breakfast, it was very thoughtful of him but I didn’t want to eat it and was quite relieved when Pam came and removed it.  She said that dogs don’t eat mice, too right we don’t, but it was very kind of him to give it to me anyway. 

Pam says she has a nice surprise for dinner for all of us this evening and then she’s going to get out her violin and we’re all going to sing Happy Birthday.  Oh what fun, I love singing and it’ll be such fun joining in on my own birthday song.

What a great day I’m having, I wouldn’t mind having a birthday every day!!!!


2 thoughts on “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!!!

  1. Can’t believe he is six ! Still remember when he arrived in Malawi – a poor, sickly little thing – but as he says – he grew into such a handsome boy !

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