Summer Visitors

Summer has finally arrived!  Or at least that’s what Pam’s telling everyone, so I expect she’s right.  The weather is certainly nice and warm and we go for walks early in the morning when my nose twitches with so many strong and exciting smells and there’s all that lovely wet grass to roll in.  During the day we spend lots of time in the garden and I make sure it’s protected against those pesky pigeons and bark hello to everyone in the street.   Such a pity no-one says hello back to me, they just give me funny looks, although some weird people do bark at me, but it’s a real funny noise and I can’t make any sense of it.

People often come to stay with us in the summer.  It’s quite fun having visitors, they always comment on how handsome I am, although I’ve noticed none of them want to come for a walk with us and they never take us out in their car, but they often take Pam out and leave us behind.   We don’t mind Pam going out, but sometimes it would be fun to go with them.

Usually the visitors stay in bed for far too long in the mornings, we always get up early and Pam never wakes them, so it really is up to me.  What’s that?  Roma’s interrupting saying they’re on holiday and don’t need waking up.  How silly is that, the morning is the best part of the day, with all those nose bending smells and lovely wet grass, how can anyone miss it!  Anyway, I know how to open the door of the room where they sleep, so I make sure they wake up on time.  Just like I do Pam when her clock makes that noise and she goes back to sleep, or when the clock forgets to make the noise and she doesn’t wake up. 

Sometimes all I have to do is sit and stare and they wake up looking into my eyes, imagine that, looking into the eyes of such a handsome beast as soon as they wake up….. what a way to start the day!!  Other times I like to lick their nose, this usually has an immediate effect that’s quite amusing, and I always make sure I move out of the way quickly as I’ve learnt people do unpredictable things with their arms when they’re woken up like this. 

If that doesn’t work I jump on the bed and pin them down with my front legs and lick their face, neck and ears all over, this wakes them up instantly and is very effective, especially if I’ve been outside and my paws are wet, even better if I’ve had a good roll in the grass.  They wake up quickly as they try to brush the dirt off the sheets, wondering how they’re going to explain the mess to Pam and ask for clean sheets.  Usually they can’t push me off because I’ve got their arms pinned down as well, and lucky for them, they don’t even need to wash their face afterwards as I’ve done it for them!  What a service!!

Uho, Pam’s doing lots of cleaning in the visitors room today, more people must be coming, that’s more work for me waking them up, I do so enjoy my job.  Hope they take us all out in their car  ……………..


2 thoughts on “Summer Visitors

  1. Woof Mozart, Tigger here – my mum walks me every morning in this weather at 0700 hrs. and the smells are wonderful here too. Trouble is she keeps pulling me along, because I would love to spend hours with those smells. I am told we have all sorts of animals along our road at night going down to the river to drink. Sometimes I am lucky enough to see one, although I am not allowed to chase it – wouldn’t catch them anyway as they are much faster than me except for the prickly ball ones……. See you Saturday……

    1. Woof woof Tigger, it’s such a pity humans don’t appreciate or understand a really good smell, I’m sure it’s something to do with the shape of their nose which usually just isn’t big enough, and also because they don’t bend down to get a proper sniff. It really does cause a problem for us dogs and they don’t even like us lingering over delicious smells to explore all the possibilities. I had a GREAT time in the river today and yesterday there was some yummy horse poo on our walk. See you soon, Woofs Mozart

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