Dog Club Fun Day

As you all know, me an Pam go to the Dog Club every week, Pam likes to do all that training stuff and  I go with her to meet all my friends.  Last Saturday it was a special Club day, the Fête du Club, which for those of you who are not bi-lingual like me, means a special celebration or festival day, so I was expecting a real FUN DAY.  It’s the first one we’ve ever had at the Club and I was very excited about what we might do.  I thought perhaps we would all go for a long  walk by the river, splashing in and out, shaking water everywhere and running around, oh YES, YES, YES, what could be more fun than that!!! 

But no, no, no, it wasn’t like that, we was there all day and we didn’t even go for a walk.  The people in charge who are always telling us what to do had arranged different things and we did them all one by one, so it took ages.  I stirred things up a bit while we were waiting by starting a barking competition with those yappy agility dogs who can’t sit still quietly, but we couldn’t agree who the winner was, it was me of course, no-one can out-bark me! 

We did some agility, a bit of fun and action at last,  I shot over the jumps and through the hanging hole and over that wooden frame, no problem for a handsome, fit, German Shepherd Dog like me!  Pam couldn’t keep up, she got a bit puffed, she really needs to make herself a bit fitter if we’re going to do any more of that! 

We also did some obedience work, of course I’m very obedient so it was easy, although for some reason Pam wasn’t pleased when I dashed off to say hello to one of my friends in the middle of it.  At the end I had to jump up on a small table and sit there, I’m not allowed to do that at home, neither is my pal Bertie, (although I know he does it anyway), and I do hope we practice that one on the coffee table at home this week.

At lunch time there was loads of food and they all sat around eating for 2 hours, I suppose that’s because we’re in France, but there was nothing except water provided for us dogs, rather mean of them I thought especially as it’s a DOG club.  One of the dogs managed to get her nose on the table and eat off a plate, what shocking behaviour, but I did think it was quite clever and would have liked to give it a try, pity Pam had that dangerous look in her eye and I didn’t get the chance.

After lunch things got very weird, there was lots of loud music and some chairs and we all had to walk around them in a circle, then when the music stopped all the people rushed to sit in the chairs and us dogs had to stay sitting around the edge of the circle.   They were even fighting over the chairs and I must say Pam did do well always getting a chair to sit in, but none of us could understand what on earth it was all about!  All the people seemed to enjoy it though.

Even more weird, after that they had people walking around holding a tray with a cup full of water and their dog walking beside them on the lead.  The people had to go over and around the obstacles and us dogs just had to follow them, how strange is that.  They all thought it was really funny and some of them got into quite a muddle, spilling lots of water so they had to start again and getting confused about where they had to go.  Us dogs just looked on in total amazement, the things people do to have fun!  Pam actually did quite well, it must be all the training she gets at the Club.

Well I have to tell you it wasn’t what I expected for a Fun Day, I enjoyed being out with all my friends and at times it was very amusing watching the people doing such silly things, but I gave up trying to work out exactly what was going on and concentrated on the barking competition which was far more interesting.  Although, I was very pleased to see that Pam is getting good training at sitting in chairs quickly and carrying trays, but I just can’t work out why she has to learn it at the Dog Club.

Hey ho, guess I’ll never understand people and the things they do ………


3 thoughts on “Dog Club Fun Day

  1. What a laugh. can imagine that the dogs all thought you were crazy and their idea of fun is a good run round causing chaos. tess would have caused eevn more chaos had she been there.

  2. Once again, this blog had had me in stitches. We all did well but I suppose through the eyes of the dogs we must have seemed quite barmy!

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