Photo Shoot

I’ve done a Photo Shoot!!!  Yes, what fun being a male model, I think I was born to do it and of course it’s not difficult when you’re as handsome and good looking as me!!! 

Pam’s got a friend who’s a Graphic Designer, whatever that is, sounds very clever, and she’s got a big, fancy camera and likes to take photos.  She’s already taken lots of me, I love it when she comes for a walk with us because she usually brings her camera and takes action pictures of us dogs.  Then a while ago she said she wanted to take special ones of me.  Of course she can, I’m such a handsome beast and always look good in front of the camera, photogenic is what she says, but that’s a long word and I’m not sure what it means.  It wasn’t action shots this time, it was portraits.  Imagine that, portraits of me!  So I had to sit still, looking gorgeous in the sit and down positions while she looked for my best side and clicked away the with camera.

It was quite amusing, she got into all sorts of funny positions to get good shots, the camera has a big, long nose, she rolls the nose around and it gets longer or shorter, and she can even take it off and change it to make it shorter, longer, fatter or thinner.  Very clever,  but it looks big and heavy and she’s only little, must be difficult carrying all those different noses around.

Pam doesn’t have a fancy camera like that, although even hers has a bit of a nose that comes out all by itself and moves around.  I can’t do that with my nose, I can only wiggle the end bit, but it’s long and beautiful, not at all heavy and I’m glad I’ve only got one and it doesn’t come off!

Anyway, here are some great photos of me and a few of my mates and many thanks to Pam’s friend for taking them.

PS :  Nearly forgot to say, if anyone  is looking for an experienced, handsome, male beast for a photo shoot, then I’m available …..


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3 thoughts on “Photo Shoot

  1. Marvellous photos – you do look wonderful Mozart! How much do you charge a session as a dog model???????

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