It’s Christmas!

Hello Everybody, Christmas is almost here, lots of food and drink and Pam always eats so much she takes us for lovely long walks afterwards, we’re always  happy when she does that, and then when we come home I enjoy singing along to Christmas Carols.  Roma says my singing is awful but I don’t take any notice of her and WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.  Seriously though, it is a rather stressful time for us dogs. 

Roma always worries that the cats will destroy the tree thing that Pam spends so long decorating, just like they destroy any plants she brings into the house – or worse, pee in the pots, isn’t that DISGUSTING!  So Roma’s always trying to keep an eye on the cats and frets when she can’t see what they’re doing, but me, I have far more important things on  my mind.  

This Santa Claws for example, a suspicious character who also goes by the name of Père Noël, which for those of you who are not bi-lingual like me, means Father Christmas.   The rumour is that he travels around the rooftops of houses wearing weird clothes with a bunch of Rain Dear for company.  Then he comes down your chimney with a big sack, just like a burglar, except that he doesn’t steal anything, he leaves presents behind instead.  I just don’t get that, he must take things away with him to keep the sack full because it’s never empty, and otherwise how would he manage to visit every house on Christmas Eve?  I also wonder how he manages to stay so clean, you’d think he’d get really dirty spending so much time going up and down chimney’s.  Jazz says I shouldn’t be so suspicious, this  Père Noël is very kind and friendly and laughs a lot.  Yes, but he’s never met him, so how does  he know?  Jazz is always outside doing cat things and never bothers with the security of the house, although I suppose he doesn’t allow other cats to come in which is a big relief, two is enough!

Anyway, I’ve never met this Père Noël and I’m sure he’s never been down our chimney, as far as I know he’s too fat to get down and anyway we got no fireplace, so if he did get down, he’d just have to climb back up again.  I’m a bit worried he might try to come in another way,  so I’m always on guard to make sure that if he does come and leave presents, he doesn’t take any replacements for the sack away with him.  I’m a handsome beast of a German Shepherd Dog, it’s my job to protect us and I’m very good at it!

Pam always has presents at Christmas and so do we, but we just don’t know how they get here.  This Père Noël must be invisible because as you know there’s nothing wrong with my ears and I’ve never spotted him, but I reckon we’ll know if he takes anything and then I can do a lot of barking to let everyone know, and I’ll grab him so he can’t leave with our stuff!!!!

Great Plan eh?  I have this plan every year but we never see anyone, or have anything go missing.  He must be very clever this Père Noël, but I wouldn’t mind having a chat with those Rain Dear he hangs out with, I just haven’t worked out how to get on the roof to find them.

Oh well, back to work, he could come any time ……….


4 thoughts on “It’s Christmas!

  1. Tess would steal the presents and eat them even if it is not edible. She would have eaten the mince pie and drunk the sherry which was left out for Father Christmas. However she would not expect him to come down the chimney and would have opened the door and let him in for a party. Then she would go out and round up the rain dear as that is her job.
    She says New years eve is a bit traunatic with all the loud bangs at midnight which disturbs my sleep but a good excuse to sneak upstairs and hide under the duvet

  2. Don’t feel bad about not seeing Santa Claws Mozart, I have tried to stay awake to catch Santa claws but mum always says that he waits until he sees me sleeping before he leaves my parcel (I LOVE PARCELS) and as much as I try to stay awake I have never seen him. I have a big responsibility this year I have to teach my younger brothers, Bruno and Rebus, how to open up their parcels, Quita knows what to do as she is almost as old as I am! Anyway lots of christmas wags to you and Roma from all the Rushworth Dogs and a huge christmas purr from our cats to yours xx Oh and mum says to give Pam a big wet lick too xx

  3. The reason Jazz knows so much about Pere Noel, Mozart, is because when Jazz is out at night he goes onto the roof and sits by the chimney – or other people’s chimneys – to keep warm. So I expect he sees Pere Noel and the Rain Dear coming.

    You are very lucky to live in France, as I expect that if Pere Noel left his sleigh parked on any roof in England for even 5 minutes, he’d get a parking ticket. Also punks and yobs and people with ASBOs would sleigh-jack him and steal all the goodies. Or he’d get prosecuted for having an unstable load, or cruelty to animals.

    I’ve wondered too, like you, why his sack is never empty, it may be due to all the dogs like you who snooze on rugs in front of the chimney leaping up when he arrives and biting his bottom. So he has to refill the sack from a Bottomless Pit……Enjoy Christmas, Mozart, and sing as loud as you can.

  4. Hi Mozart, I am luckier than you because Cathy has got a chest infection and has completely lost her voice – if she tries to say anything all we hear is a squeak! So no singing from her! I bet she still eats her Christmas dinner though. She loves eating. Anyway if Papa Noel comes here he will miss us as we are off to Marseille tomorrow morning, that is me, Jim, Cathy and Debbie!!!

    Have a lovely Christmas Mozart and Pam and Roma and those two cats. I hope you get a nice big juicy bone to gnaw on.

    See you soon,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Tigger

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