New Years Resolutions

Christmas has been and gone, we opened all our lovely presents and me an Roma managed to protect the Christmas Tree from the cats.   I was super vigilant watching for Santa Claws, but he’s very elusive and I didn’t see him, guess I’ll just have to try again next Christmas.

Everybody seems to be making lists of New Years Resolutions, which in case you don’t know are important things to do now that we’re in another Year, so I’ve been thinking about my life and what areas could be improved.  This year I’ve decided that I’m such a strong and handsome beast I want to help others and I’m proud to say that I’ve made a very public spirited list that will help others as well as myself.  Roma’s giving me a strange look, what’s up with her?

Dog training has been getting a bit boring just lately so I’m going to make greater efforts to ensure all us dogs stay entertained while our people are training.  I’ll encourage the other dogs to help as well, that way it’ll be less boring for all of us.

I’m also going to take every opportunity to practice my barking this year, so that I can stay at the top and keep my position as Champion Barker, would hate to let Pam down by loosing the Title, especially as other dogs are starting to challenge me.  So I’m going to work harder at this, even Hector has tried to challenge me, and he has such a squeaky little bark I don’t know how he thinks he can beat me!!!  Roma’s looking at me and shaking her head, I’ve no idea what her problem is!

I’m just longing to meet some of the interesting wild animals and dogs that we meet when we’re out walking, so I’m going to make greater efforts to stop and chat to them, even if it involves playing the chase game and hide and seek.  I’m sure they would love to meet to me and hear about all the fun things we do, and I know that Pam likes us to be friendly towards everyone we meet.

I’ve noticed that Pam keeps me on the lead a lot, I’m not sure why, but I’ve given it some thought and I’m sure it’s so that when she gets tired I can pull her along.  So this year, being such a strong, handsome and helpful beast I’m going to give her as much help as possible by pulling her along when we’re out walking, after all, I’ve got four beautiful, long legs and she only has two.  Roma’s giving me some more funny looks, I don’t know what the matter is, maybe it’s a girl thing ….

Finally, I’m still very concerned that my pal Bertie doesn’t realise how small he is and could get himself into real trouble because of it, so I’m going to try harder to teach him the difference between short and long legs and big and small dogs.

That’s only five, so I should be able to keep to all of those …………………

Mozart’s New Years Resolutions

1.  Make sure that dog training is entertaining for us dogs while all the people get trained.

2.  Practice barking at every opportunity.

3.  Make renewed efforts to meet and say hello to all the interesting wild animals and other dogs we see.

4.  Help Pam when out walking by pulling her along with the lead.

5.  Help Bertie to understand that he has short legs and is actually very SMALL.


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