As you all know, me an Roma are from Africa and we never seen snow until we came to live in France, and even here in the south of France it doesn’t snow very much.  In Africa I had no idea what snow was and I was so excited the first time I saw it.  I never thought it would be white and I never knew it would be cold and soft.  Not long after we arrived here Pam took us up into the mountains especially to meet the snow and I just couldn’t believe it, a white paradise!  I ran around and around and dug holes in it, found I could bite it, roll in it and get lovely and wet in it and yes, yes, it was just WONDERFUL.

That was when I realised snow is really just frozen water, or frozen rain, weird that it comes down all white and fluffy, but it’s such fun to play with!!  Much better than when it comes in those hard balls of frozen water that Pam calls Hale.  We had a Hale Storm once and thought the roof of the house was going to be battered in, it was so noisy, Pam was trying to look as if nothing was happening, but that didn’t fool us and we sat downstairs just in case!

Snow’s much more fun than that, it’s not noisy or dangerous and I love going out in it, I’ve got a lovely thick coat and I don’t get cold.  Pam’s always going on and on about how cold it is, and we never get good walks in the snow, they’re always short because she’s so cold or says the road is dangerous, what rubbish, how can powdery white water be dangerous?   So we never go far, which is really disappointing cos me and Roma are strong German Shepherd Dogs, we’re not cold and could go on for ages in the lovely snow. 

I hope we go up into the mountains again soon because then we do get a good snow walk,  Pam doesn’t seem to get so cold up there and we’re usually with our mates The Tibetan Two, who are very at home in the white stuff because they come from Tibet which apparently is in the mountains.  Roma’s giving me another of her funny looks and says that they don’t come from Tibet, just like we don’t come from Germany, they were born in Europe …. Yes, yes I know that, but you all know what I mean, snow is natural for them, that’s why they have all that hair to keep them warm and they certainly need it with such short legs, the snow doesn’t have to be very deep for them to be in it up to their armpits.

I’ve discovered that snow is very good to eat, refreshing, cold and icy, must be a bit like that ice cream Pam’s always eating, no wonder she likes it so much.  So I always make sure I eat a load of snow when I find some because it’s quite a rare  delicacy and I don’t get it very often.

Hey ho, just waiting for the snowing to stop and then maybe we’ll all go out in it and have some fun, all those dogs in Africa never seen snow don’t know what they’re missing  ………


3 thoughts on “SNOW!!

  1. Tess says she loves the snow as well just running and running in it and she does not get dirty like in the mud after it had gone. She says it was awful driving down here in it as she was not allowed out of the car much on the journey as it was so cold but once we got to Marmande she went mad. Tess does not understand why it takes me so long to get ready to go out with all my boots, hats etc as she just goes out as she is. Up in Regat was great as the garden was deep in snow.

  2. ‘Sno use trying to convince me, Mozart, I heard you ate too much snow and made yourself lose your breakfast. Pam isn’t so silly as to overdo it with the ice cream, is she? What you need to do is to learn mountain rescue – have you done that at dog training? You have to hang a small barrel round your neck, then you are allowed to go and dig for people buried under the snow. I will volunteer for this, Mozart, because the human you dig up gets the contents of the barrel.

  3. MOZART, It is lovely when you are young and don’t feel the cold easily. Now be very careful you big handsome boy, as if it gets too deep we could lose sight of you – and you wouldn’t like that would you? We would have to listen for that famous bark to find you. When we dug you out you would be like a snowdog instead of a snowman! Make the most of it as it won’t last long……..we hope!

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