Montbel Revisited

We’ve been to Lac Montbel again, another great walk, in fact we go quite often these days and it’s always good fun.  I just love the water and all those nose-twitching smells that my nose spies out so easily along the track.  Perhaps one day we’ll get to meet some of the interesting wild animals that leave those tantalising scents.

The Lac isn’t far from where our mates the Tibetan Two live and so we usually pick them up on the way.  They’re always happy to leap into the back of our car and say hello and then yes, yes, we’re all off to the Lac.  Then me an Hector usually have a competition to see who can bark loudest before we get out of the car – it’s me of course, no-one can beat me at barking!  I don’t know why Hector thinks his sharp little bark can be louder than mine!!!

This time it was quite warm at the Lac, the time before the weather was really cold and a lot of the Lac was frozen over.  Pam was throwing things onto the ice to see if it would break, it didn’t, but then she wouldn’t let us dogs go and bring the things back, how silly is that, just leaving them there?  This time all the ice had gone, and so had all those things she threw, don’t where they went, someone must have gone and fetched them, pity Pam wouldn’t let us do that before we left.  Anyway, I soon forgot about all that when I thought I’d found the heady scent of a new perfume!

Diappointed to find it wasn’t a new perfume after all, and I could hear Pam an Hazel  still going on and on about how beautiful it was at the Lac, I noticed they didn’t walk very far because they were always stopping to take photos.  Me an the others were running around all over the place, there were some lovely muddy puddles to investigate, we were having a great time and Roma was working hard doing her shepherd dog stuff, trying to keep us all together.

Then suddenly we saw a man walking along the path coming towards us, he was looking very purposeful and frowned at us.  So to make him smile I rushed down the path towards him barking hello loudly, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing such a handsome and healthy beast coming to say hello?  But he still didn’t look happy, pushed past me and didn’t say hello and didn’t say hello to anyone else either.  What a strange man, very unfriendly, I wanted to rush after him and try to cheer him up, but for some reason Pam had got hold of my collar and clipped on the lead so I couldn’t go very far.  She didn’t let me off again for ages, so there was no chance of catching up with him.  Oh well, never mind, those muddy puddles and incredible smells were far more interesting anyway.

Last time we were there Pam wouldn’t let us in the water because of the ice which she said was very dangerous, I don’t understand that, it’s just frozen water so I don’t see how it can be dangerous.  But the water was certainly very cold, I know that because I did manage to get in for a quick drink when Pam wasn’t looking, but it was so cold I didn’t stay in for long and my paws took ages to warm up after.  I think she was worried I would do something stupid like Bertie did a while ago, he went into the water and then couldn’t get out and had to wait for someone to go looking for him and pull him out.  He says it was a fuss about nothing, he was COOOL MAN, there wasn’t a problem, he was swimming and just waiting for them to come and get him, and of course they did.  HAH! I always knew those short little legs would get him into trouble, no-one else thought it was COOL and Roma says it was a very dangerous thing to do.  Anyway I decided not to go in the water this time, I’ll wait for it to get a bit warmer, so I just ignored Pam who kept on encouraging me to go in.  You know I will never understand people, one week I can’t go in and another she’s telling me I can, it’s just too confusing, even for a handsome and intelligent beast like me!!

Anyway we all had a great time running around and the weather was so warm we could all sit outside at the café later.  Pam an Hazel were still talking, I don’t know how they do it, I was enjoying a nice, quiet, rest after a busy morning.

Oui, c’est la vie!


2 thoughts on “Montbel Revisited

  1. It all looks absolutely lovely. Please Mozart can I come with you next time? It would be great for the two of us to run up to strangers greeting them joyfully..

  2. What beautiful photos and the Lac does look a a real lovely place to go for walks. I am sure Echo would love to meet you and go on these walks with you. He also loves the water and would have an incredible time running in and out the water with you!

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