My Book!!

Hello one and all, I just have to tell you, I’m so excited, I’VE  WRITTEN  A BOOK!! Oh yes, I’m such a handsome, clever, literary beast!!!  I do hope that you’re all impressed – I know I am and I think I’m going to be even more famous than ever now!

It’s a book of Tails and Photos of Life with Gorgeous, Handsome and Intelligent German Shepherd Dog Mozart, well of course that’s me, who else could it be? 

Me an Pam been working hard for months to put all my blogs and pictures into a book. We’ve also put in lots of photos of me never seen before, especially ones of when I was a young, gorgeous and handsome puppy!!!  So it really is a very important book and I been showing it to all my friends. 

When I told Bertie about it he just looked at me in that lazy way he has and said “yeah, COOOL Man”, he’s always COOL and no point showing it to him with all that hair over his eyes.  Roma’s very impressed but the cats haven’t commented yet, I don’t think they’re very interested, they probably can’t read, they are cats after all.

If you want a copy it’s very easy to order and you can even look at some of the pages in the widget thing I’ve installed below, which I hope is working properly!!!  Oh I do enjoy being such a clever beast!


3 thoughts on “My Book!!

  1. Hello Carolyn, Mozart here, I’m not surprised Tess couldn’t work out how to buy my book, she’s a Border Collie, I expect she’s too busy trying to round it up! All you have to do to buy it is click on the shopping trolley in the widget thing.
    Nothing wrong with barking, I’m a CHAMPION!

  2. Tess is very impressed as she would not have thought of it and Carolyn is useless with a camera. She has not worked out yet how to buy it. You can see what I have to put up with!!! You are very lucky Mozart to have someone who takes pictures of you to show hoe handsome you are. Good thing it is not a video then you could bark your way through it. Could not resist that!!!

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