Style and Perfume

We were out with our mates The Tibetan Two again the other day having another of our fun walks, and I’d already had a great time splashing around in the water.  Then my nose spied a really interesting smell and I thought it might be good enough for a new perfume, so I followed the trail to find it, and even though the Tibetan Two have very short noses it was so potent even they were rushing along to find it.

Roma’s nose had also spied it but she was saying that it wasn’t good and we should leave it alone, well, I was almost in agreement with her as it’s not the kind of perfume I like to wear, but I did wonder if it would taste any good.  Bertie’s little legs were going like mad as he rushed along to find it and he was very excited saying “oh cool man, this’ll pull the girls”.  The brown heap was certainly very interesting, and just as I was thinking about having a taste Pam and Hazel suddenly started making a lot of noise, frantically leaping up and down, very agitated and shouting NO NO NO!!! 

Something bad must have happened, so being a good, protective, German Shepherd Dog I rushed back to make sure they were alright.  I couldn’t see what all the fuss was about but Roma was already there so I don’t know if she did something to upset them, I must remember to ask her what happened.  Meanwhile Bertie had managed to get one shoulder into the brown heap applying a significant amount of perfume and was busy trying to get the other one in as well, but Pam was suddenly there and gave him such a fright he shot off down the track pretending that everything was just coooool. 

Well, I can tell you, Pam an Hazel weren’t coooool, they were looking very upset, and even Roma was complaining about the smell as we walked along.  Bertie was very proud of his new scent, and didn’t seem to notice that everyone was trying to keep away from him.  Hector got very upset that he hadn’t got any of it, so on the way back he managed to quickly apply some as well, got it nicely dripping off his ear, very good position that.  But they have such a weird sense of taste and style these Tibetans, no self-respecting German Shepherd Dog would ever be seen out and about wearing a perfume of such dubious origin!!!! 

When we got back to the car Hazel tried to clean Hector and Bertie with some of Pam’s wet wipes that she keeps in the car, but they weren’t wet any more and were just wipes so not very effective.  Neither of them looked very happy, although Bertie and Hector were grinning all over their faces and very proud of their new perfume.  We had to drive home with all the windows open, which I love doing, but Roma didn’t stop complaining and then when we got back none of us dogs were allowed in the house.  See what I mean about style, just not the right kind of perfume to  grab attention and get good results.  

Hazel said she’d be spending the whole afternoon washing the dogs and I wished I’d applied some of the perfume after all.  I was so sorry to miss that, I just love getting wet and playing with the hosepipe, but Bertie said they don’t use the hosepipe, they go in the bath and have the hairdryer afterwards to dry their hair.  Oh YUK YUK, baths are just not fun and German Shepherd Dogs don’t use HAIRDRYERS, that is seriously NOT COOL, no wonder Bertie didn’t want us around to see that!!!  Pam was still disinfecting the car which had traces of the perfume inside and by the time me an Roma got back in to go home it didn’t smell of anything interesting, so at least I didn’t have to listen to Roma complaining any more. 

Hey ho, c’est la vie, we’re all good friends and can’t wait for our next trip out together.


2 thoughts on “Style and Perfume

  1. Tess says. Well done. I am good at finding smelly things and have a good roll in it and even better having a quick munch. The smellier the better. It is well know I do not like water so the idea of a bath fills me with horror. Even when I get mey feet wet I have to get them dry. I even climb cliffs to avoid the sea

  2. Hi Mozart! Was it lovely fresh horse poo? Do you agree it is nectar to our strong noses? Cathy pulls me away if she sees some so I am not allowed near it. In Mirepoix one day we saw two dogs rolling in some – lucky things…….. See you on Saturday. Lots of woofs – Tigger

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