More Cat News

Here I am Mozart, big, strong, handsome, gorgeous and intelligent German Shepherd Dog and I’m writing about cats again, that just can’t be right and it’s getting very boring.  But over the last few weeks our whole life seems to have revolved around the cats, and I must say me an Roma are getting a bit tired of it.

 Jazz, my best cat friend, disappeared for 2 nights the other week, Pam was getting very worried about him and even me an Roma were beginning to think something had happened to him, but then he turned up, making that dreadful noise so we all knew he’d come in.  Roma got very cross with him for making us all worried but he just said that he was alright, he’s a cat and it’s what cats do ……  You know cats are very thoughtless, a German Shepherd Dog would never do anything like that!

Then yesterday morning we was all out in the garden and we heard a cat making a noise, couldn’t see where it was until we all looked up and there was Jazz sitting on our roof wailing loudly.  Those of you who’ve been to our house will know that our roof is very high up.  Pam asked him what he was doing up there and told him to come down, what a silly thing to say, it was obvious, he couldn’t get down, he was stuck up there.  Pam isn’t stupid (not most of the time anyway) and she soon realised he couldn’t get off and started rushing around getting that step ladder to climb up to go and get him, but it wasn’t tall enough, well we could’ve told her that, and she couldn’t reach him.  So she started on the phone, ringing everyone, and then dashed off in the car, coming back with a different ladder.  

Meanwhile Jazz had moved to the highest point of the roof and was sitting on the chimney, looking very comfortable like he was supposed to be there.  But as soon as he saw Pam with the ladder he jumped off and sat near the gutter wailing at her.  Pam didn’t look too happy going up the ladder but she did manage to grab Jazz who then decided he was too frightened to leave the roof and froze and tried to hang on to the tiles, and when that failed he grabbed what was nearest and that was Pam’s head, she just had to grin and bear it as she was up the top of the ladder, it was a long way down and she didn’t want to fall off.  Anyway, she got him down safely but I don’t think she’ll be signing up as a Pompier any time soon, for those of you who are not bi-lingual like me, that’s a Fireman and they’re always going up ladders to rescue cats.  As soon as Jazz was on the ground he was dead cool, making out that it was no big deal, HA!! we all saw how terrified he was!! How on earth he got up there we will never know because he says he can’t remember, but he reckons he could’ve jumped off if he wanted, Pam was just makin a fuss about nothing.  HA!! don’t believe that either, we reckon he’d been up there all night!!!  Course, I don’t need to tell you that us sensible German Shepherd Dogs would never do anything silly like that!

Our new kitten Aria is growing bigger and is now friends with Jazz and Calypso, thank goodness, all that hissin and growlin was getting a bit much, those flower essence things Pam was putting in the water must have worked.  They still get cross with her sometimes and I know why, I get cross with her too because she likes to kill my tail, bash my nose, bite my ears, bite my paws and then climb on me and jump all over me, although sometimes she cuddles up to me to go to sleep and of course I don’t mind that.  She even comes and sits on the balcony with me an Roma in the evenings and I was very surprised Roma doesn’t mind when she sits on her tail.  Aria is quite clever and has already worked out how to get through the cat hole in the door and go outside.  No problem seeing her out there in the dark, my  German Shepherd eyes are very sharp, but she’s very white and glows in the dark, so I call her our glo-cat!

Hey ho, let’s hope there’s no more cat news for a while, this is a dog blog after all!


4 thoughts on “More Cat News

  1. MOZART, You are slow, for such an intelligent boy, why didn’t you run in and get the camera to take a photo of the action? We would love to see Pam on the roof doing the rescue. Perhaps next time eh?

    1. Tess says she knows how you feel about additions to the family which can be annoying. Carolyn has just got another border collie which has sharp teeth. She must have had a really big senior moment. As for the cat I would have been sitting there glaring at it.
      Mozart you are big softie and what about your street cred having a photo taken with a cat!!!

  2. You might find a hunky man if you call the pompiers. Mozart, can’t YOU get stuck on the roof to give Pam a second chance at calling them? (Or are you too sensible?)

  3. Well done Pam – you really are heroic going up a very long ladder to “rescue” Jazz ! I think I would have called for one or two of those “Pomiers” !

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