Back Again!

The View on one of our walks

Mozart HeaderI’ve lost count of the weeks since I last put paws to keyboard and many of my friends have been asking what’s happened and if I’m alright.  Well, actually, I’ve not been very well, I got injured, just like a famous sports star, and hurt my right front leg.  You might not know, but I’m right-pawed and not very ambivalent, such a long word and now Roma’s interfering saying I’ve got it wrong, it should be ambi-something else, who’s writing this I ask?  But I’m sure you know what I mean.

With my hurt leg I had enough trouble getting onto the typing chair and once I got there it was almost impossible to type because my leg was so stiff.  Anyway, I’m pleased to announce that the leg is now much better so I can get writing again, when I get the chance, Pam’s been so busy on the computer just lately I can hardly get my paw in!The Track

You know, even strong, handsome beasts like myself can have accidents and get injured, it happened when my nose spied the most delicious scent coming from the field next to where we were walking.  So naturally, gorgeous, full-blooded male that I am, I casually sauntered over to see what it was all about.  A mind boggling smell, but disappointing in that it was nothing I could use for my range of scents.  I was coming up out of the ditch, which was quite deep, and took a leap up over some brambles, but they grabbed me and caught me up in them and somehow I ended up beside the track on my chin with my legs scrunched underneath me.  Not a very good position for such a Mozarthandsome beast and those brambles were quite vicious, I think they did it deliberately!  And do you know, I thought I could hear them laughing at me!

Pam came and untangled me, she’s very good at doing that, but I couldn’t walk on the leg, it was really stiff and hurt, so Pam had to cut the walk short and we all went back home.  Roma was very cross and told me I shouldn’t have been in the ditch in the first place, and then we would all have had a good walk just like usual.  She’s a girl, what does she understand ….. and you would think she would have some sympathy, my leg was so stiff I could hardly move it.

Apparently I’ve got something called arthritis in my neck and shoulders, I don’t know what it is but it must be quite unusual and special and I know for a fact that Bertie doesn’t have it, (ha! it must be something good then!).  Pam says it was making my leg even more stiff, butThe View I don’t really believe that, I blame those brambles.

Luckily everything’s alright now and we’re going for normal walks in all the usual lovely places.  Tomorrow we’re meeting up with our pals The Tibetan Two, Hector and Bertie, and going out with them, maybe we’ll go to the Lac….. I do hope so ……….

Hey ho, it’s not always easy being a dog with 4 legs to look after, but the walks are great, just have to watch out for those brambles!

Roma and Me



3 thoughts on “Back Again!

  1. Tess says she knows what you mean about brambles as she tries to avaoid . She hates thistles as well as she has delicate feet!!! The other day she got caught up in a load of burrs which glued her tail,down so she could not walk and started yelping. Gill went and found her so we had to get them out. So be careful!!!

  2. Poor handsome beast – just as well you have some girls to look after your interests ! Pleased to hear you are on the mend !

  3. Glad to hear that you are feeling better handsome beast, but do be careful and look after yourself. Give my love to Roma, Jazz, Caly, Figaro and Aria. xxx

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