Bird Food

Mozart and Bertie

Mozart HeaderWe had a fantastic walk with our pals The Tibetan Two the other day, we all went to the Lac where we had a good splash around in the water,  it was a bit cold so didn’t stay in long but there was lots of lovely mud an we all had a great time.

Then Pam an Hazel went off for lunch and left me an Roma with Hector an Bertie in their kitchen.  Bertie was feeling bored and said they had a new cupboard in the corner and he wanted to open it but couldn’t work out how.  Well, I’m a very handsome and intelligent beast, so I strolled over to the cupboard to have a go, no problem of course, it opened first time, easy for a beast with a lovely long nose like myself and so we all stuck our noses in for a goodFat Balls look.

There at the bottom were some funny coloured balls, my nose spied them straightaway and they were quite mouth watering.  We pulled out the packet to get a better look at them and I decided to try one to see what it tasted like.  They had a funny green mesh covering them, but it didn’t spoil the taste and I wolfed down the whole lot, funny things, full of seeds, but very tasty all the same.  Bertie was also trying to eat one but even though he’s a very large Lhasa Apso he just doesn’t have a big mouth, or rather he does have a big mouth, he talks a lot of rubbish, but he can’t take big bites, so he was struggling to keep up with me.  Roma and Hector decided to join in and we all agreed it was really thoughtful of Hazel to leave such tasty treats for us to eat while they were off having a nice lunch.  After I’d eaten a couple I did get a bit thirsty, but what a fun way to spend thefat balls time, and we made sure we didn’t leave any mess afterwards.

When Pam an Hazel got back they immediately spotted the plastic wrapper that no-one had been able to eat and Hazel called out to Pam that we’d eaten 6 fat balls for the birds.  Is that what they were?  They give that wonderful tasting stuff to the BIRDS?  We just looked at each other, what a waste!!!  Bertie said he was going to learn how to climb the tree outside to get at them in the wild and was thinking about ways to charm the cat next door into teaching him.

Me an Roma both felt a bit funny in the night after eating all those balls. We’re not used to eating at lunchtime, but it wasn’t too bad, and we’re sure they’re not the reason Roma had to visit the vet because she had a really bad stomach a few days later, it must have been something else.

I’ve asked Pam if I can have a Twitter account, I reckon I could do quite well at tweeting now, but she gave me a filthy look and said NO!  Very disappointing, I thought I would be good at it and it would make me even more famous!  In fact Pam has been getting very upset about us eating the food for the birds, going on and on about the mess in the kitchen in the morning and saying that she’ll never be able to eat seed cake again, I don’t understand that, she never usually has any trouble eating cake!  

I do hope there’s another gourmet treat for us to eat next time we come back from the Lac.

Lac Montbel


3 thoughts on “Bird Food

  1. Mozart, I suggest you try the chocolate cake that Pam has secreted away in the kitchen… I bet she’d not be able to give that kind of cake up so easily!

  2. Gill says well done Mozart and co. I love to forage and eat things that are bad for me. In fact I am not well this morning and am laying under the radiator. Really using this an excuse not to go to dog training but I know I will end up at the vets like at Christmas and I hate that thermometer thingy!!!

  3. Ohhhhhh Mozart, How could you? The next blog will have you singing like the birds or talking like a parrot! Hope you don’t eat any more…….

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