Happy Birthday Roma


It’s Roma’s birthday today and so this is just to wish her a Happy Birthday. 

I probably shouldn’t say this, but she’s 11 years old today, although she doesn’t look it, only when you talk to her and have to shout because she’s gone quite deaf over the past year.  Of course that’s not a problem for me as I have a very good voice and she says she has no trouble hearing me!  Nobody has trouble hearing me!!  

You know Roma’s still very pretty and even though I wasn’t around then I can see how gorgeous she was when she was younger as well, so I’ve put together a slideshow of some lovely pictures of her, and one especially for a pal of mine in South Africa (you know who you are!).

Roma’s my very best dog and girl friend and I love her very much, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROMA!



5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Roma

  1. What an adorable puppy, Roma. You have turned out well. Perhaps Mozart will let you have your say about him once in a while?

  2. Happy Birthday – I remember you when you were little and yes you were a beautiful little puppy and grew into a beautiful Lady. Can’t believe 11 years have already gone by.

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