Another Birthday

TODAY IS SPECIAL, IT’S MY BIRTHDAYMozart!!!  Yes, I’m 9 years old today, oh I just get more and more handsome as the years go by.  Plus tomorrow Ishtar will have her first birthday, so it’s a very special week for us and I can’t believe that Ishtar has been with us almost a year. 

RomaYou’re probably wondering why I’ve been quiet for so long, especially bearing in mind that I do have such a fine voice and I’m so good at using it.  Well, we lost Roma. She was almost 12 years old which is ancient for a German Shepherd Dog, she had lots of problems and was having trouble walking, and in the end it just got too difficult for her.  We was all very sad and I didn’t feel like battling with the computer to write anything for ages.  But now time has passed and we’re not sad any more, just happy she spent so long with us and happy that we know she’s ok now.

Ishtar is growing up and becoming quite the young lady, we have a great time together, we go for long walks with Pam and do lots of fun things and you know, she’s becoming quite pretty.  Good thing she has me, handsome and responsible German Shepherd IshtarHunk, to look after her, especially when we go out with those 2 Labradors Bruno and Rebus. Rebus has started calling her “his Ishtar”, can you believe that, just who does he think he is?  I don’t know what he’s up to and I really do need to keep my eyes on him!  I must say I’m always much happier when she goes out with her girl friends, Tess and Gill.

Generally though I’ve been impressed with the way Ishtar has been learning the important things, but disappointed that these days she often pays more attention to Pam than me, really, I ask you, who is more important?  She does do very well at shouting loudly BONJOUR ÇA VA? to all the animals we drive past in the car and she barks at the postman when he comes too close to the house, but sadly she will never be able to take over my title of Champion Barker, she just doesn’t have the drive, or quite frankly, the tone of bark needed. 

I’ve also noticed that she isn’t interested in entertaining the troops at dog training, this is extremely disappointing as even though I shout out encouragement from the car where I usually sit watching, I can see she makes no effort at all to make the class more interesting by providing some kind of entertainment.  It must be soooHaving fun at Lac Montbel boring for the dogs doing all those silly Sit, Down and Stay exercises, just waiting for  their people to get it right and with nothing to liven things up for them.

Anyway to celebrate our birthdays in advance we went to the lac a few days ago and had a brilliant time splashing around in the water, running around shaking water over everyone and seeing how far we could make the drops go ….  I LOVE IT, especially when Cooling down in the lacthe weather’s hot and sunny and it’s so cool to sit in the water.  Hector and Bertie came with us, I’ve noticed them getting a bit friendly with Ishtar, but I don’t have to worry about them, they’re far too small!

Hey ho, it’s never easy being a responsible dog with a young lady to look after …

Ishtar and Mozart Lac Montbel


2 thoughts on “Another Birthday

  1. happy Birthday Mozart. I am only just 5 and my sister Tara is 2, so we are not as wise as you. BUT I think I can beat you in a barking competition. See you sometime. Love Tigger 🐺🐺🐺

  2. Tess and Gill say happy birthday and they really miss you both as it is boring just going out with ‘the dragon’ all the time. Tess says she understands Mozart having to watch a group of people and dogs walking round and round a field doing silly things as she has done. Why!! I is much more fun ‘hurling abuse’ from the car and takes a lot of training and effort.

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