A Training Exercise

MozartIt’s a long time since I last did any writing, these days it’s so difficult to get onto the computer, I’ve asked Pam for an iPad, which I think will be easier and I can use it any time of day and anywhere. So far she hasn’t produced one for me, but I live in hope …

Anyway, I’ve been so excited by our training recently I just have to tell you all about it. We was out walking along one of our favourite tracks by the river yesterday when suddenly bearing down on us like a swarm of angry bees was a small motorbike. Of course being German Shepherd Dogs we were immediately alert and on guard, but the bike slowed down and as Pam’s always going on about us being nice and friendly to other people and animals Ishtar dashed off to the man to say hello, but he wasn’t happy to see her and started shouting at her, how rude is that?

FieldsSo she came back and Pam made a grab for her collar but missed it and at that moment the motorbike suddenly veered off the track and took off loudly across the field. WO, how exciting and what fun, we wasn’t expecting that! I wanted to go after it, but sometimes Pam has this uncanny knack of reading my mind and she already had me on a short lead so I didn’t think I’d get very far, even dragging her along with me, (she’s quite heavy these days), but Ishtar rose to the occasion and took off after him. She can move that girl, must be all the practice she gets chasing those Hairs with the big ears that bounce around the fields. I was so pleased to see Pam cheering Ishtar on, she was making a lot of noise, jumping up and down, waving her arms around and shouting herself horse (I’ve never understood that expression, but it sounds impressive). Of course I was loudly barking encouragement as well “GO GIRL GO”!!

Then I saw Ishtar overtake the motorbike and make an attempt to round it up, OH YES, YES, all the time I’ve spent teaching her hasn’t been wasted and finally it’s all coming together. Roma would have been so pleased as rounding up was her speciality, though I blame it on those nutty Border Collies, Tess and Gill, that we sometimes go out with. Then they disappeared behind some of that tall maze and Ishtar finally reappeared, looking very pleased with herself, tongue hanging out so far I thought she might trip over it and saying what good fun that was, she must do it again – you know training should always be fun, it’s the best way to learn ….

IshtarPam meanwhile was looking quite thunderous, I couldn’t understand why as Ishtar had come back, was she supposed to bring the man and the motorbike back as well? I know us German Shepherd Dogs are very clever, but that really is a bit advanced for Ishtar at the moment. Pam was muttering something about dangerous and accidents, I couldn’t catch it all, she always gets so excited when we do training exercises that I don’t pay much attention any more. Then Ishtar looked over at me and wanted to know what I’d done to upset Pam while she was away – WHAT? MOI??? – I’m devoted to Pam and I would never do anything to upset her, I think she was still really excited by our training and to see Ishtar moving so fast!

In my excitement about our training and the man on the motorbike I nearly forgot to tell you that it’s my BIRTHDAY and as of TODAY I’m 10 years old, double figures, can you believe it, still as handsome and intelligent as ever and the grey on my chin makes me look very refined. Ishtar will be 2 years old tomorrow, can’t believe that either and difficult to believe she’s been with us for so long already.

Hey ho, they say that time flies by the older you get and I never used to believe them, but I’m thinking now they may be right …

Mozart and Ishtar


5 thoughts on “A Training Exercise

  1. Happy Birthday, Mozart, from Chloe’s mom. Do you remember that this is our birthday week since my birthday is tomorrow (but I won’t tell you how old I am since I reached double digits decades ago!!) So happy to hear that you have these great adventures with Ishtar and Pam. Just like Nels, this one reminds me of our Ridgebacks — except Baker and Nyika spotted a rabbit and I wasn’t prepared! And they dragged me down a gravel lane because I had the leads wrapped around my wrist. Boy do I miss those dogs. Big purrs to all of you, and yes, please do let us know what happened to the biker. And good luck with getting that i-pad!!

  2. Happy birthday Mozart from the nutty collies, Tess and Gill.
    Well done Ishtar we have taught you well.
    Funny you mention an ipad I (Tess) have been writing letters to the ‘dog union’ via snail mail about various moans Gill and me have and I was thinking that email might be better as we may get a reply. The likelihood of us getting an ipad seems remote but you us know if you succeed.

  3. Hi Mozart – wow 10 years old already! I still remember when you first arrived from SA, it seems like yesterday. Please tell us what happened to the biker – did she bring back with her?? Sending you a big birthday hug and give Ishtar one as well. Keeping looking after Pam give her a big hug from me. xxx

  4. Reminds me of the time our Ridgeback, Lisa, went after some chevreuils (small deer) in fields of sunflowers so high that we lost sight and sound of her … for several hours!

    Would Mozart or Ishtar please tell us what happened to the fellow on the motor bike after Ishtar caught up with him. Gave him a slobbery kiss did she? Surely he was happy about that!

  5. Mozart, how lovely to hear from you after so long. I thought you had gone off me! Tigger would have loved to join in and we wouldn’t have stopped barking to egg everyone else on. What fun. And you are now ten years old! Well done! Tigger will be 6 next week and Tara is already 3. Your next blog hurry up with it ‘cos I love a good old laugh. Give Pam a big slobbery kiss. 🐾🐾🐕🐕🐾🐾🐾🐕🐕🐾🐾🐕🐕

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