About Mozart

Hello Folks, Mozart here, I’m a handsome, gorgeous, intelligent German Shepherd Dog with a beautiful, thick, long coat, and currently weigh in at 38kgs.

I was born in 2005 near Johannesburg in South Africa, my posh name is Jupiter von der Weidenstrasse, but I’m not a posh dog and everyone calls me Mozart.  The story behind my name is a very long one and I haven’t got time or space here, so you’ll have to ask Pam about that!

When I was 12 weeks old I was sent to Malawi to be with Pam, it was exhausting and noisy on the  plane shut into a small box, because dogs can’t sit in seats with people.   It wasn’t much fun, but I survived the journey and it was worth it because when I met Pam I just knew I was with the right person and could relax, so I fell asleep as soon as we got to my new home.  I wasn’t very well when I arrived and didn’t feel good, it wasn’t helped by the long journey, and for the first year in Malawi I always had some kind of health problem, which made life quite difficult and painful at times. However, Pam is brilliant at looking after dogs and making them better and I’ve been in perfect health for a long time now. I’m so pleased I came to live with Pam and I love her very much.

My favourite things are going in the car, going for lots of walks, getting muddy, getting wet and playing in water, playing in the snow, barking at things, chasing everything that moves, singing and going to dog training. I’m quite new to blogging and I’m really enjoying telling the world about my life!

Golden Light Healing 2I live with Roma, she’s 3 years older than me and was born in Kenya, her posh name is Konighaus Urla, but we all think that Roma is more pretty.  She’s a long coat German Shepherd Dog just like me. She’s very pretty, polite, gentle and sensible, she’s my best girl friend and I always look after her.

A few years ago me, Roma and Pam came to live in France, we had to catch lots more noisy and exhausting planes to get here, but this time I wasn’t ill and I made sure they knew where I was by barking for the whole journey, maybe that’s why it was so exhausting!  Now that we’re in France it’s just the best thing ever, we’ve made lots of friends, do lots of interesting things and go for lovely long walks, things that we could never do in Malawi.Golden Light Healing 15

At first it was just me an Roma, but now we share the house with Jazz, a noisy cat with lots of stripes on his fur, he’s my best cat friend. Then about a year after he came Calypso arrived, she has a funny looking face and is a weird, girly cat, always scratching on things with her claws and jumping on Jazz’s head, which he’s told me he doesn’t much like. Both cats spend a lot of time sitting on the chairs and furniture where we dogs are never allowed to go, they even sit in our beds, which is a bit of a cheek as we’ve tried to sit in theirs, but we’re too big!

Golden Light Healing 8


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