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IGolden Light Healing 4‘ve always enjoyed working with animals and I’m always concerned about their welfare, health and happiness.  Over the years I’ve been involved in many animal based activities, including orphaned baby elephants in Kenya, teaching dog training and working at my local pet rescue centre.

For many years in Africa I taught dog training, using positive reinforcement and gentle training methods and at the same time had a small business checking on peoples pets while they were away – I was known as The Dog Lady.  Some dog problems can’t be solved with training alone and I completed courses in Canine Behaviour and Canine Behaviour Counselling, always with the thought that if I could help dog owners sort out their dogs problems, then harmony would reign and both dog and owner would have a much happier life.

Pam and DogsMy own life changed when I was persuaded by a friend to learn Reiki.  I quickly realised that Reiki, and energy healing generally, is very effective for all sorts of problems, physical, emotional and mental, both for people and animals.  Right from the beginning I really enjoyed using it and have gone on to become an Angelic Reiki Practitioner as well.  They both blend well with my Diploma in Homeopathy, Diploma in Crystals and Energy Healing, and Level 1 of the Bach Flower Essences.

Following that I became very interested in the Australian Bush Flower Essences, I started off using them on myself and found that they are VERY effective.  I completed my training and I’m an Advanced Practitioner.  These essences work brilliantly with energy healing, backing up the effects long after the session.   Combine this with my background in canine behaviour and training and I feel I am able to offer a unique option for dogs with problems.  The essences work well for all animals and people, with or without energy healing, and for any kind of problem or situation.  They are an excellent addition to my bag of healing modalities.

After living in Malawi, Africa, for 19 years I now live in South-West France in a land of sunflowers, near the Pyrenees, with my three rescue cats and my two very special German Shepherd Dogs.

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