Hands-on Healing for Animals

Golden Light Healing 27Hands-on healing can help animals with all sorts of problems, from those who are very sick with life threatening diseases, in physical pain, or recovering from surgery or illness, to those with emotional and behavioural problems. 

My hands-on treatments are very gentle and relaxing and are usually enjoyed by the animal and everyone in the vicinity. Other animals and people nearby often relax and fall asleep even though I’m only working on one animal, and I find that sometimes I’m the only one left awake!

During the first session the animal might be wary or confused but once they understand what’s happening and know that it’s alright they settle into it happily the second time. Horses are generally very responsive and become so relaxed they go a bit wobbly, cats go completely Golden LIght Healing 25relaxed and floppy and dogs often fall asleep snoring. An injured hen fell asleep in my lap and after several sessions made a full recovery from her injuries. Some animals will position the part of their body that needs attention right in front of my hands and generally when every animal has had enough they just get up and walk away. For animals that don’t want to be touched, or are frightened or dangerous, I am able to work at a distance, sending the same energy from my hands across the space between us.

I always encourage the people looking after the animal to stay for the session, sometimes animal problems are connected to the stresses and concerns of the people around them and it’s helpful to have them both together. If I feel that a separate session for the person involved with the animal is appropriate then I will offer it, and if I feel that flower essences will support the hands-on work then I will offer these as well.

Golden Light Healing 26I use mostly a combination of Reiki and Angelic Reiki, and work with the chakra’s. I am a channel for the energy and pass it on to the animal through my hands, even if I am not touching. The healing energy goes where-ever it’s needed and always works for the highest good of the animal receiving it. Every session and every animal are different and the amount of sessions needed varies with the problem and animal.

Please be aware that I am not a vet, I do not make diagnoses, and what I do is in no way a replacement for veterinary medicine, however I can work alongside veterinary treatment to support it. I also find that healing can be helpful at those times when the vet can do no more, has no idea what the problem is, or for those health problems that keep on recurring.

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