Energy Healing for People

I do a lot of work with animals, but I also work with people and enjoy seeing how relaxed and happy they are after a hands-on treatment.

The treatment usually lasts for up to an hour and the person lies on my treatment couch, or sits in a chair if preferred, and stays fully clothed throughout.  It’s usually a very relaxing and balancing experience during which I play relaxing music and many people fall asleep until long after I have finished.  Other people like to talk during the treatment and that is OK too.

Unless guided to do otherwise I use mostly a combination of Reiki and Angelic Reiki, and work with the chakra’s.  I am a channel that enables healing energy to pass through my hands to go wherever it’s needed.  I sometimes support the healing treatment with crystals and sometimes I suggest that we do a short guided meditation before we start. 

Other times I may guide people towards releasing their blockages themselves, when the person is fully involved in their healing this can be very effective.  It all depends on the person and the kind of help that they are looking for.

Hands-on energy healing is good for physical, emotional and mental problems and if it’s appropriate I often support the healing with flower essences so that the person leaves with something to help them continue what the session has started.  Even if you don’t have any major problems it’s lovely to take time out and relax for a revitalising and balancing treatment, the feeling of wellbeing experienced afterwards is well worth it!

Every session and every person are different, and the number of sessions needed varies with the person and the reasons why they have come for the treatment. I’m not a doctor, I don’t make diagnoses, and what I do is not a substitute for traditional allopathic medicine,  however, I can work alongside allopathic medical treatment to support it.

If you are unable to travel to me then I may be able to travel to you with my portable treatment couch.

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