Australian Bush Flower Essences

There are currently 69 essences in the Australian Bush Flower Essence range, they have been developed in Australia by their founder, Ian White, who is still adding essences to the collection and developing new ranges, the White Light, Light Frequency and Divine Presence Essences.

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are gentle but potent healing tools that act as powerful catalysts to help people to heal themselves.  They work on the basis that illness, disease and emotional problems are indicators that there is an imbalance in the body that needs to be addressed.  The natural state of the body is to be in perfect balance and therefore perfect health, so when physical symptoms of illness or dis-ease appear, these are a signal that something deeper is out of balance.  We can often cure the physical symptoms, but this usually does not heal the root cause of the problem.  Most physical illness has its roots in emotional imbalance and until this is put right, symptoms will keep on occurring.  The essences heal by helping to promote emotional, spiritual and mental harmony, from which point the body can heal itself and the physical symptoms of dis-ease will disappear.

The healing process can be explained as being rather like peeling an onion.  The layers are peeled away at the speed and intensity that suits the individual, finally reaching the root cause of the problem deep inside and healing it.  Therefore, several essence treatments may be needed over a period of time as the layers are peeled back and it may take a while to reach the point of true, deep, healing.  HOWEVER, I know from personal experience that the journey is always worth it, you learn a lot about yourself in the process, and the original problem does not recur.

The range of animal problems that can be helped by the essences is also endless and covers chronic, acute, physical and emotional conditions as well as behavioural issues.  I often use the essences when a new animal is introduced into the household, to help all animals and people settle together and I have used them very successfully for a dog with lick sores. As with people it may take several treatments over a period of time for an animal to achieve healing and depending on the problem treatment may involve the people living with the animal as well.

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