Hello there everyone, it’s been ages since my last blog and I just haven’t been able to get paws to keyboard to tap out another literary masterpiece.  In August we had the canicule, which for those of you who can’t speak French is a heat wave.  I know these important words because I’m a clever bi-lingual dog, … Continue reading Figaro


More Cat News

Here I am Mozart, big, strong, handsome, gorgeous and intelligent German Shepherd Dog and I'm writing about cats again, that just can’t be right and it's getting very boring.  But over the last few weeks our whole life seems to have revolved around the cats, and I must say me an Roma are getting a bit tired … Continue reading More Cat News

Another CAT !!!

We've had an interesting time just lately, Pam’s been and done it again, we’ve got another cat!!!  Well actually it’s one of those baby cats called a kitten and it’s tiny, when me an Roma saw what Pam had brought in we thought YIKES!!! NOT ANOTHER!!!  Apparently she found this one in the street, just … Continue reading Another CAT !!!