An X-Ray at the Vet

I’ve been to visit the vet again, I’m not ill so I don’t know why Pam thought we should go.  As you can imagine I wasn’t very happy to discover we were going to the clinic yet again, however everybody was very kind to me and people sitting in the waiting room kept on complimenting me … Continue reading An X-Ray at the Vet


Pet Passport

Pam’s taken me to see the vet again and I wasn’t ill, not even slightly ill, I’m still a handsome, fit and healthy beast, so it’s really not fair to have to go to the clinic to have a needle.  Pam’s excuse was that it was for my passport, and yes, I do have one, I'm … Continue reading Pet Passport

A Trip to the Vet

Pam took me to see the vet today, and I’ve got conjonctivite! I don’t know what it is but it’s very difficult to spell and sounds very special, and I can’t wait to tell Bertie because I bet he hasn’t got it! Pam told me we were going training so I got all excited because … Continue reading A Trip to the Vet