Helped my dogs and myself.

Having worked in the medical profession for over 40 years, I was always sceptical of ‘anything alternative’.

I have had rheumatoid arthritis for 35 years with its ‘ups and downs’ and lots of medical intervention.

Fortunately, some years ago I met Pam at dog training sessions (I have 2 border collies Tess and Gill) in France. We discussed ‘healing and flower essences’. At that time my older dog (Tess) had had several episodes of pancreatitis and so Pam worked with Tess and myself using reiki and flower essences. I was in a ‘dark place’ myself and was willing to try anything. My ‘dark dreams’ have now stopped and Tess has had no recurrences. I continue to have reiki sessions and use flower essences.

Recently Pam has worked with my younger dog (Gill) who is ‘scared of her own shadow’ using reiki and flower essences and I am sure she is gaining in confidence, more so than all the training we have been putting in.

I am very grateful to Pam and believe ‘healing’ and the use of flower essences has helped my dogs and myself. I do not know how it all works but the ‘energy’ must pass between us all.